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An Introduction

We are, Kalika Electricals, a trader that has attained a respectable position by delivering the finest quality Electrical Cable, Electrical Insulated Wire, Electrical Rope Wire, Electrical Switches, Electrical Wire, and much more. There are many factors, which we have worked in our favor, to supersede over all the competitive entities. Our company has been greatly praised by the clients nationwide because we always exceed customer expectations by delivering good quality products. Some brands we serve are JM Polycap, Great White, and Presto Plast.

An investment in us means an investment to procure the best quality products along with other benefits. We cherish all that we have attained in the market, and give our best to achieve even more. Neither the industry in which we operate is ever at rest, nor are we.

About Our Work Ethics

Ethics not only make us concern on satisfying our employees it also keeps us aware of all the moral judgments of right and wrong. By being ethical, we strengthen a bond of trust with all who relate to us. As we work according to our ethics, we do fair business deals with customers, keep our employees motivated, always win for our vendors and much more.

By being ethical, we enhance all our attributes that can make us prove to customers that if they rely on us, they will make the best decision. It has not been a long time since we embarked our journey, though we have attained greatness in the markets because we have never compromised with our work ethics. As we focus on being ethical, we never compromise with the following:
  • Welcoming customer's suggestions and implementing to them respectively
  • Doing business deals with complete transparency
  • At being honest and supportive to the employees who relate to us

Importance Of Supply Chain Management To Us

By perfectly managing our supply chain, we ascertain the chances of delivering fully to our customers. Consequently, we have never failed at delivering in a sufficing and satisfying manner to the doors of the respected clients.

As we timely and sincerely manage all our supply chain activities, we get a time to store in advance, and further check all that we seek to deliver is perfect or not. By doing such works, we remain confident of meeting customer's needs on urgent basis, without giving them a chance to complain.

"We are accepting local inquires mostly from Karnataka"